Professional Inspections That Exceed Expectations


We hired Shawn from Pars Home Inspection to inspect a house for us in Vancouver. He did a thorough job finding and explaining all the good/bad issues to us in his detailed report. Shawn also gave us a walkthrough after the inspection was completed. He answered all of our questions with great communication, patience and expertise. We are fully satisfied with the services and price he provided to us, definitely recommend him to everybody and will use him again.
Sharon & Jason Vancouver BC

Shawn from Pars completed a home inspection for us on June 8th, 2013 and did a fantastic job.  He took his time inspecting the inside and outside of the house and took the time to take my husband and I through the house to explain all issues at the end of the inspection.  Most inspectors tend to take one hour or so on the inspection where Shawn spent approx four hours to inspect everything properly and carefully.

My husband and I had to contact him multiple times as our realtor had some questions and Shawn got back to us right away with a well detailed explanation for everything.  He is very friendly, knowledgeable and priced out very well.

I highly recommend you using Shawn for your next home inspection.  You will not be disappointed.
Nicole M.  Maple Ridge, BC

Shawn from Pars home inspection was careful, detailed in all aspects, He took time in his job .He was polite and professional. At last he gave us a well-written and detailed report. We are so happy with his Inspection and we recommend him to our friends. Thanks Shawn well done
Amin M. Coquitlam BC

Shawn at Pars Home Inspection was great and I would highly recommend him. He was knowledgeable, professional and gave me lots of valuable information. You will not be disappointed if you hire Shawn! He is also an expert in mold detection and air quality which many home inspectors are not.
Ken Frith, West Van BC

I emplyed the services of Pars Home Inspection couple of months ago for a property in Coquitlam. I was very pleased with the level of professionalism and prompt service provided by Pars Home Inspection. The report received from Pars was very well documented and comprehensive. I definitly recommend the services of Pars Home Inspection.
Navid S, Coquitlam BC

I hired Shawn from Pars Home Inspection to inspect my home in Vancouver when I wanted to purchase this house 2 years ago. Shawn was very knowledgeable, thorough & professional. He provided me with a great deal of information & insight about this home with a walk through plus a detailed report. Shawn informed me at the time that this home have an ongoing roof problem, I was able to negotiate the repair cost with the seller which saved me thousands of $ and future headaches. Shawn knowledge & information about Mold was also great and helped me prevent mold growth in my home. I’m very satisfied I hired Shawn & highly recommend him to anybody who wants to purchase a home. His price and services are excellent.
Marianne B, Vancouver BC